In the dawn of Japan’s modernization in the mid-19th century, Yokohama introduced to Japan a range of elements of Western civilization by opening one of the first ports in 1859. Explore the wonder of Yokohama where, until about 160 years ago, had been a small fishing and farming village.

Tour Courses

Y-1: Yokohama Waterfront

Landmark Tower→Nippon Maru→Osanbashi pier


Y-2: Historic Yokohama

Nihon Odori Avenue→Yamashita Park→Chinatown


Y-3: Motomachi-Yamate

Harbor View Park→Berrick Hall→Yamate Italian Garden


Y-4: Sankeien Garden

Outer Garden/Main Pond→Inner Garden


Y-5:Adventure of Multiple Worlds

Sojiji → Kirin Beer Brewery