Sojiji Temple → Kirin Beer Brewery

(Tour duration: 4~5 hours, Admission fee: 400yen, Zen meditation: 600yen)
(Please note that reservation for visiting sites is necessary to provide guide service.)
The first stop of this tour is Sojiji, a head temple of Zen Buddhism. Then, after dropping at commercial facilities near JR Tsurumi Station, you will visit the Kirin Yokohama Brewery, the first Japanese brewery to taste beer and soft drinks. You will see both the historical world of Zen Buddhism and a modern beer brewery in Japan.

This tour starts from JR TSURUMI Station

1. Soji-ji Temple

 ● Visit and pray

Sojiji is a large temple of the Japanese Zen Buddhism. You will visit the precincts by the guidance of a novice young monk and practice Zen meditation. You can also listen from him about their everyday life.

● Hyakken Roka

This 164-meter-long corridor is shining like a mirror because novice monks wipe it out every day.

● Zen meditation

You will experience Zen meditation at the place where novice monks practice it before. In the silence of 20 minutes, you will reflect on yourself one more time.

2. Commercial Facilities Out of JR Tsurumi Station

● JR Tsurumi Station and Kimono recycle shop

Both JR and Keikyu Tsurumi stations are located alongside the old Tokaido highway. This route connected the cities of Edo(old Tokyo) and Kyoto.
The city developed as a town with travelers taking a rest during their trips.
Now, it is a modern commercial center with many restaurants and shops such as CIAL, Fuga including kimono recycle shops.

3. Kirin Beer Brewery

● Brewery tour (90 minutes)

   (Over 20 years old, 500 yen)

You will see the process of how the Kirin Ichiban is brewed based on
the original manufacturing method.

● Tasting (20 minutes)

You can taste beer and soft drinks.

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route.

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