(Tour duration: 3 hours, Admission free)
Starting on a visit to City Museum, a tour reaches lively commercial facilities out of JR Musashi-mizonokuchi Station by visiting characteristic temple and museums

This tour starts from JR MUSASHIKOSUGI Station

1) Kawasaki City Museum

The Kawasaki City Museum is an integrated facility that functions as both art gallery and museum with the basic theme of “City and People”.

2) Jorakuji Temple

Known as the Kawasaki Manga Temple, the walls and sliding doors of its main hall are decorated with caricature murals. (A prior visit arrangement is required to view Manga.)

3) Kawasaki’s Municipal Oyama Road Historical Museum

This museum exhibits historic and folklore records related to Futago/ Mizonokuchi Post Station.

4) Commercial Facilities Out of JR Musashi-mizonokuchi Station

There are a lot of shops and restaurants such as Nocty Plaza, Marui, Modi, Gyoza no Ohsho, and others.

Optional Visit

1) Keiko Oguro Memorial Hall of Nursery Rhymes

A poet and a writer of nursery rhymes, Keiko Oguro (1928-2014), built a museum in 1991.
The materials on the children’s songs are exhibited with antique doll collections, a gramophone, a portable record player invented by Thomas Edison(1847~1931) and so on. (Admission fee: 200yen, Opening days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and national holidays)

Course Map

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route. Public transportation is used for travel between tourism sites.

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