(Tour duration: 2 hours, Admission free)
Let’s stroll along the scenic path by the 400-year-old Nikaryo Yosui Canal and stop by the interesting spots including Kawasaki Greenery Center

This tour starts from JR KUJI Station

1) The Nikaryo Yosui Canal

The Nikaryo Yosui Canal was built for supplying water to rice fields more than 400 years ago after 14 years of construction work.

Now it’s a popular spot for a walk along the canal and cherry-blossom viewing in the springtime.

2) Kawasaki Greenery Center

In Kawasaki Greenery Center there are flower gardens, various trees and greenhouse. The exhibitions of seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemum, rose, plum tree bonsai and azalea bonsai are held.

3) The Tama River and Syukugawara-zeki dam

The Tama River runs through Kawasaki City and provides water for agricultural and industrial use. Syukugawara-zeki is a sluice-gate dam built across the Tama River to control the water level.

4) Funashima Inari Shrine

The Shrine was built by the Tama River to pray for flood control as well as good harvest.

Optional Visit

1)Kuji Ento-Bunsui Water Diversion Facility

This facility was made to divide water of the Nikaryo Yosui Canal to 4 areas for farmer’s use. Nowadays, we could enjoy a beautiful scenery around this facility and along the path.

Course Map

The above route does not necessarily show an actual tour route. Public transportation is used for travel between tourism sites.

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