(Tour duration: 3 hours, Admission fees: 1,050yen)

Ikuta-Ryokuchi, northern rich green areas of Kawasaki city, has many unique visiting spots including the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum,

This tour starts from Odakyu MUKOUGAOKA-YUEN Station

1) Nihon Minkaen

(The Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum)

Nihon Minka-en, the Open-Air Folk House Museum, was established in 1967. It is well known for the outstanding collection of 25 old Japanese folk houses such as farmhouses and merchant houses. (Admission fee: 550yen)

2) Taro Okamoto Museum of Art

Taro Okamoto was a famous Japanese artist (1911-1996). He donated most of his works which he had at the age of 80 to Kawasaki city. Kawasaki city opened the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art in the site of Ikuta Ryokuchi in 1999. (Admission fee: 500yen)

3) Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum

Based in astrology, nature and science, a great deal of attention has been put into the exhibits and facilities. (Admission fee of viewing planetarium: 400yen, Others are free.)

*Optional Visits*

1) Traditional Craft Center

Visitors can experience traditional Japanese indigo dyeing. Even beginners can dye a handkerchief or bandana on your own design. The workshop takes about one hour. (Indigo dyeing costs: 1,100Yen)

2) Masugatayama Observatory

The hills around Ikuta-Ryokuchi are called Masugatayama mountain. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery from there. (Admission free)

3) Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum

The museum exhibits some 50,000 originai manga pictures of FujikoF Fujio manga author. (Prior purchase of tickets is required. Please refer to the website below to purchase a ticket.)


Course Map

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